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Our Mission

"Helping children who have lost a parent, loved one, or the support of a person that played an important role in the family."

In the face of loss or parental illness life can become very difficult for children. Sometimes there is much despair, which leads to anger and resentment. At some point though, anxiety, grief, and anger can be turned around to a positive energy that keeps kids pointed in the right direction. Affiliation with an activity or interest builds knowledge and self-worth, thereby promoting personal growth and self control.

Children who have been through adverse conditions related to the illness or loss of a close family member face unique and challenging life. The goal is to find the path to a happy and fulfilling life and build the potential to bring benefits to the community as a productive member of society.

Though our focus is on situations of parental death, illness, or injury, we recognize that loss comes in many forms. Similarly, any person who has played a substantial role in a child's life is considered a supporting member of the family.

The Parent Plus Support Process

The Life Link Program
Opportunities for children to develop relationships with activities that build self-reliance, strength,  and internal growth through sports, the arts, and academic pursuits.

Reaching For the Stars Program
Developing the leadership role of the coach, mentor, teacher, and instructors who come into contact with a child working through difficult times.

Friends For Life
Resources for the whole family.

Signing Up with Parent Plus

It's easy to get involved and participate in our activities. Parents can recommend their children, or referrals are accepted from schools, counselors, teachers, and family friends. We work with you to build a plan, set a few goals, and then help kids get on the path to success.

The first step is filling out our contact form which helps us understand what you are going through and how we can help.


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"Parent Plus is a non-profit organization assisting families who are coping with loss, death, or illness. We strive to build life long relationships with sports, arts, and academics and increase community awareness, mentoring and coaching profieciency."

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